Quex appoints Ambrette’s Dev Biswal Ambassador for Kentish Oils

Quex appoints Ambrette

Birchington-based Quex Foods has recruited Dev Biswal, chef patron of The Ambrette restaurants in Margate and Rye, as a brand ambassador to promote its award-winning Kentish Oils.

Quex Foods has also commissioned a video showing Dev demonstrating how to prepare his Spiced Crusted Fish with Kentish Asparagus signature dish served with an aromatic sauce of mustard seeds and ginger, which uses Kentish Oils’ extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil.

The 3-minute recording can be viewed at: www.vimeo.com/70399823. Recipe cards will also be distributed at Kentish Oils retailers including Quex Barn.
“We are delighted that Dev has agreed to work with Kentish Oils,” said Quex Foods’ Managing Director, Angie Curwen, who added, “He is a great ambassador for local produce, using Kentish Oils as a staple ingredient to produce his award winning exotic culinary art.

“He is a living, breathing advocate for our extra virgin, cold pressed rapeseed oil, promoting the health benefits to his customers and to the trade as a professional chef.”

But Dev does not include products on his menu or use ingredients just because they are local. They also have to be the best quality available. He enthuses about the qualities of the rape seed oil.

“It’s liquid gold – I love the fresh, nutty flavour. Many chefs talk about rapeseed oil’s rich Omega 3 factor and high flash point essential for caramelising natural sugars in food without tainting,” he said, adding, “From a commercial view point, the fact the oil remains fresh for so long is very important to a restaurant – it’s a massive cost saving.

“Quex is one of the most respected farming institutions in the area – they are always keen to work with the local community and take pride in their produce” he said. “Most of their fields are within a mile of The Ambrette at Margate.”

Quex Foods’ Kentish Oils use rapeseed produced at Quex Park, 250 acres of prime Kentish farm land. Cold pressed for a superior flavour and greater nutritional value, the oils, are free from artificial additives, to create pure, virgin oil. Accolades include Taste of Kent Awards for Kent Artisan Food Producer of the Year 2012 and the Guild of Fine Foods 2013 Great Taste Gold Award the rapeseed won 2 gold stars . The lemon and Jalapeño blends each won one gold star. Oils are available retail and online in 50ml and 500ml bottles as well as catering sizes for wholesale and the trade.

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