Now your child can eat and enjoy 100% genuine Halal baby food

Now your child can eat and enjoy 100% genuine Halal baby food

In an ever changing world, Muslim mothers have been demanding genuinely Halal food for their baby. Petit Gems baby food aims to help provide parents with a delicious range of baby foods which will give children the best possible start in life. Babies require essential nutrients such as iron and protein to aid their growth and development.

The meat based (Iron and protein rich) baby foods up till now haven’t been Halal. This means many Muslim babies have been eating a mainly vegetable based diet.

There weren’t any high quality, tried and tested Halal baby food products on the market. Until now

Petit Gems is owned by GEM Foods, a Muslim family run company based in Coventry, in the United Kingdom.

The baby food range was created out of a personal desire to ensure babies within the family had enough iron and protein within their diets. It was clear this was a major concern for many families who wished their children to eat Halal food.

Medical research confirms many Muslim babies in particular suffer from a lack of nutrients. Their parents struggle to find baby food products that contain enough irons or proteins without compromising their religious beliefs.

As a result babies are weaned on a diet of egg custards, and deserts. This can lead to children developing skin allergies such as eczema, or suffering illness such as iron deficiency anaemia.

On 14th June 2006 in Paris, GEM Foods officially launched the Petit Gems Halal Baby Food Range at the World Food Market Exhibition. Petit Gems announced the authenticity of its products and manufacturing practice, as the only Halal baby food to carry the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) seal of certification.

The HMC is a non profit making organisation that stringently controls the whole production process according to Islamic Shariah Law.

Established in early 2003, HMC set up with an aim to monitor, inspect, regulate and certify Halal products – especially within the Halal meat and poultry sector – from sources to the consumer. They carry out thorough inspections, continuous checks, labelling and sealing of consumables, which are continuously monitored by HMC trained inspectors. HMC also provides the public with the reassurance of genuine Halal products,

Demand for Halal certified products has risen rapidly over the years. In order to meet this demand, companies across the world are seeking authentic Halal certification to gain consumer confidence. Certification means you know your baby’s health and your religious preference are taken into consideration without ever having to compromise your faith or your baby’s health.

In a recent survey of Muslim mothers, we found that 81% would prefer a HMC certified halal baby food over other brands.

Petit Gems offer a wide range of tasty meals for your baby such as Chicken & Vegetable Bake, Spring Vegetables & Lamb Tagine or Vegetable & Roast Beef. The range caters for 4 Months-plus and 7 Months Plus, and in tasting sessions has proved to be superior to many other products.

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