Mum’s the word when it comes to shopping for the family


For many time-poor mums shopping is a key part of its daily life. Undoubtedly it’s easy to feel irritated on a shopping trip where many factors conspire against mums to make an afternoon of shopping seem less preferable than pulling teeth.

The heat, the queues, the children running around and even the couple in front blocking up the aisle with their trolley as they deliberate over natural or Greek yoghurt can make shopping sheer hell.

So unquestionably mums need a supermarket that pretty much offers everything they need in one trip and also includes great quality at low prices. “For me, Asda offers both of those things,” says mum Ala Zagrodna from Leyton, London. “As a full-time working mother, wife, mother to two children (ages eight and three) and, as my husband will tell you, someone who likes to "do it all," every day is a constant juggle and quest to create more time. And I have realized over the years that time and convenience is of the essence when it comes to doing the family grocery shopping.”

Some mums have gone on to use supermarket shopping to also teach children about money, simple maths and budgeting. Full time working mum to two children, eleven-year-old boy and nine year old girl, Katrin Rożek from Beckton shares how she juggles time between her children, shopping and giving life lessons to her children. “I think it’s good for children to see you go to a supermarket so they learn about budgets and so they don’t think a fridge has magically appeared with food in it. I make sure to get my kids involved with the shopping and make them very much part of the decision making.”

According to Katrin, she says her daughter loves using the self-scanning machines and paying for items herself. “It gives her a sense of independence,” she said.
With many reports detailing how shopping consumes up the bulk of mums time, with one such study reporting that shopping took up a massive 4,155 hours 49 minutes in the waking lives of mums there’s no wonder there is so much prominence on shopping.

“It sounds such a mumsy thing to say, but anything that makes my life easier gets a big tick in the box from me. From everyday items like bread to milk and rice, to snacks and even a packet of Haribo, I shop for convenience and need my local supermarket to have pretty much everything I would need for my whole family,” said Roda Chmiel a full time working mum of three girls from Birmingham.

With the continuous growing needs for mums to save time, money and angst, and anything that helps mums to do that is being enthusiastically received, Asda have added 50 new products for mums. From Dobre Pickles 2 for £1.50p to selections of Wedel Chocolate at 2 for £1, there is something for everyone in the family.

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