Midlands Curry Awards are Madness

Midlands Curry Awards are Madness

A move to create a Midlands Curry Award Scheme has come under fire from Asian food industry leaders. The new scheme, which splits the Midlands awards into ten council boarders and has a broad category range for achievement has been accused of cheapening the value of any curry awards.

The new scheme is also enforcing a nomination fee of £25 per entry.

Several leading figures in the industry have spoke out against the new proposal stating their scepticism towards the judging criteria and the requirement of an entry fee.

Nahim Aslam, owner of the Indian Ocean Restaurant which won the Best Curry in the North West Award for the last two years at the British Curry Awards commented:
“By increasing the number of awards, all the industry is doing is diluting the value that any award has.

We earned our BCA award through hard work, providing customers with quality food and service and by striving for the highest standards, not by paying an entry fee for recognition in a sub-category which in the long-run isn’t going to mean much to the restaurant or their customers.

An award should represent the achievements of a restaurant, build on the image of our industry as a whole and provide customers with a recognisable badge of quality and achievement”.

The founder of the British Curry Awards, Enam Ali MBE is another figure reported to be less than pleased with the new plans and is said to be considering legal action in a bid to deal with the Midlands Curry Awards.

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