Kays Cookery Class Launch

Kays Cookery Class Launch

Local cookery teacher Kalwant Sahota who featured on the programme ‘Rhodes Across India’ with Gary Rhodes in August, on Channel UKTV Food is to launch her new cooking school “Kay’s Cookery” as a combined launch with Dormers Wells Trust and their new Cooking Lounge.

Atul Kochhar Michelin star chef and owner of acclaimed Mayfair restaurant Benares will be opening the Cooking Lounge and Kay’s Cookery on Tuesday 18 September 2007, 2pm at Dormers Wells Community Centre.

Kay’s Cookery is all about learning to expand your cooking skills to encompass a world of herbs, spices and techniques. You can learn to cook international cuisine, such as Thai, baking and specialised days for those with food allergies for example wheat free and of course Indian cooking.

Kay’s Cookery is based on a philosophy of taking fabulous authentic Indian / Asian / British dishes and converting them into modern, healthy versions, so that you can enjoy them on a daily basis. Kay’s cookery classes are ‘hands on’ so you won’t be taking a back seat. With everything provided, there is no need to worry about writing down recipes, leaving you free to relax with a drink and meet others on the course.

The Cooking Lounge at Dormers Wells Community Centre is one of the venues were the cooking classes will be held, with a purpose built fully equipped domestic style teaching kitchen. The Dormers Wells Community Centre was developed through Future Builders funding and also donations from organisations such as Noon Foundation for the IT suite and City Parochial for the Kitchen. Dormers Wells Community Centre is a charitable organisation which runs classes for the local community around health and well-being.

Region: All
Start Date: 18/09/2007
End Date:
Start Time: 13.00
Venue: Dormers Wells Community Centre
Venue Address: Dormers Wells Lane, Southall
Celebs Attending: Atul Kochhar
Website: http://www.kayscookery.com
Press Tickets: Available
Sponsorship: Not Available
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Name: Kalwant Sahota
Phone: 07956 542315