Jewel Isle Launches Detox Friendly Flavour

Jewel Isle Productions Ltd, have launched a delicious new rum punch.

The sorrel punch – strap-line:Just How Daddy used to Make it! – is made using a recipe passed down from the late Mr Campbell, to his daughter Anita Witter, the founder and award-winning, CEO of the company.

Made using a combination of dried sorrel flowers, authentic Jamaican overproof rum, natural juices, premium wine and a unique blend of spices.

The sorrel herb, which is high in vitamins and minerals is often used as a diuretic and to soothe digestion – so is the perfect way to kick-start to your New Year detox.

Jewel Isle Productions Ltd, was founded in 2005, by Anita Witter, who after 16 years at Coca Cola, finally succumbed to pressure from family and friends and launched her ‘legendary’ Jewel Isle Rum Punch, which is based on a secret recipe that has been in her family for generations.

Using only the finest ingredients, Jewel Isle punches are home-brewed fruit infused cocktails, which capture a flavour of the Caribbean with a unique blend of Jamaica’s authentic over-proof rum, natural fruit juices and spices.

Later this year, Jewel Isle Productions Ltd plan to launch, One Child – Touching a Nation, (OCTAN), a Benevolent Fund which will fund children’s education program in Jamaica and Africa.
The Jewel Isle range is available in four flavours; Tropical, Pineapple-Ginger, Lemon-Lime and Sorrel, all full-flavoured and refreshing with the perfect kick.

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