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Introducing Maa’s Choice Chapatti Atta, Mum’s perfect partner

It’s said that a family is what a mother makes it. She effortlessly juggles multiple roles, as a homemaker, chef, manager, friend, confidante, guide, trainer – there is no doubt of Mum’s supreme abilities to keep all the plates spinning of life’s daily demands for her family. She ensures that everything that is brought into the house conforms to her standards.

And just as she is the center of the family who binds everyone and everything together, a chapatti is at the center of every South Asian meal. It is the binder and link between the different dishes on the table, making it the most important part of every traditional meal.

Based on this understanding, the summer of 2015 will see the launch of Maa’s Choice Chapatti Atta across all major South Asian stores in the UK, just in time for Ramadan. The team at Rank Hovis identified that chapatti making is a ritual that a mother performs day in and day out; therefore it was important to understand her needs before coming up with a product that would indeed be her choice.

Lawrence Watson, Deputy Managing Director at Rank Hovis said: “We wanted to ensure that the product that we make fits in perfectly with the requirements of our core consumer so that it becomes their preferred choice. So we undertook an exhaustive research to understand the customer and her expectations from her chapatti flour. Maa’s Choice Chapatti Flour is the result of that understanding and our desire to be true to the mothers who would be using it.”

It is in truth that being a Mum means having all the answers and knowing just what is right for the family. So what are mothers looking for from their chapatti flour?

Mark Ellis, Marketing Manager at Rank Hovis said: “We modeled the product around the specific needs of our customers. They want the chapattis to be soft and fluffy, dough that comes together easily, has a smooth texture and gives them consistent results. Our product is all of the above and much more. After months of rigorous research and testing, the product is now ready and available at your local stores in all the key ethnic areas.”

Maa’s Choice product range partners up with mums to prepare a range of tasty delights for the family including parathas, pooris, theplas and of course the daily staple – chapattis. As it is said, don’t count the number of chapattis while eating, as Maa’s Choice makes sure that the family relish their meals and keep coming back for more.

No doubt mums are considered the engine of the family car; the foundation of the cultural values and is a part of everything a child is or goes on to become in the future. At the core of every South Asian family in the UK, Maa’s Choice TV commercial will encapsulate the essence of what a Maa does for her family. Look out for the Maa’s Choice TV commercial, soon to debut across all major South Asian TV channels.