Food & Beer Pairing at Quilon Restaurant

Award-winning restaurant Quilon, located in Buckingham Gate, is as famous for its original and intriguing drinks menu as it is for its tantalising Indian food. This summer, Quilon will be introducing an extravagant eight course Beer & Food Pairing Menu designed to highlight the best of both worlds.

Executive Chef Sriram Aylur is renowned for his light touch, preparing the Southern Coastal Indian cuisine in a delicate and fresh manner. These subtle flavours pair beautifully with all types of beer – from dark and sumptuous ales and crisp lagers to fruity beers and dessert beers.

The Beer & Food Pairing Menu will begin with Indian canapés and a specially selected champagne yeast beer. The remaining courses will feature specialty beers such as Duvel, Brooklyn lager, Colomba wheat beer, Pietra chestnut beer, Little Creatures, Liefmans Framboses and others. These tempting tipples will be paired with dishes like Cauliflower Chilli Fry and Crab Cakes, Grilled Asparagus Garlic Pepper and Malabar Chicken, Roast Scallops and Pepper Shrimps, Black Cod and Banana Flower Vada, and much more.

This event will run through July and August 2006 for groups of two or more. Thereafter, the Pairing Menu will only be available for groups of eight or more that book in advance.

Region: All
Venue: Quilon
Venue Address: 41 Buckingham Gate, London
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Phone: 0207 734 7001