Dream comes true for new Anglo-Asian dessert samosa company as Sweet Karma hits the high street in time for Diwali

Dream comes true for new Anglo-Asian dessert samosa company as Sweet Karma hits the high street in time for Diwali

Newly launched Anglo-Asian dessert company, Sweet Karma, is planning for an extra-special Diwali this year, after Quality Foods, one of the country’s biggest Asian supermarket chains, agreed to stock the company’s frozen sweet samosa range.

Sweet Karma’s founder, Neeta Mehta, took a leap of faith when she swapped her legal career for the uncertainty of launching a new concept in desserts. Neeta says she’s overwhelmed by the reception they’ve received.

“When Quality Foods offered to stock our products, and in time for Diwali, my favourite celebration, it was a dream come true. Like many in our community, I was born in England, but still vividly remember growing up with the excitement of Diwali. Every year, I still have candles lit before dark in each room, to bring in the light.”

Sweet Karma’s sweet samosas combine the traditional triangular samosa shape made from delicate filo pasty but with delicious fruit compote or dark chocolate fillings, entirely made in the UK, creating a truly innovative Anglo-Asian dessert.

Quality Foods will stock Sweet Karma’s frozen apple and cinnamon samosas and their dark Belgian chocolate ganache samosas. The Apple and Cinnamon variety has been named as a finalist in the UK’s prestigious Quality Food Awards 2013 (no connection)

Neeta and Sweet Karma will be offering free tastings of the samosas at the Quality Food’s branches in Hayes and Hounslow over the coming weekends, so consumers can try them in time to be added to the Diwali menu.

Neeta said, “We’re really excited at the opportunity to meet customers and get direct feedback. For many of us, Diwali is inextricably linked to food as we feast. While I love all Indian desserts – our tastes are changing as we have integrated into the British community and I really wanted to bring something new that can be enjoyed through all generations both as a lovely dessert and special occasion treat.”

The samosas go from freezer to oven to plate, cutting out the messy and calorie-laden deep fat fryer. In fact, the fruit samosas are under 100 calories each.

Neeta said, “After any traditional or celebratory meal, you need something sweet, but also something that isn’t too heavy. We think our sweet samosas are the perfect end to a Diwali dinner, served with just a sprinkling of with icing sugar or a scoop of ice cream.”

Sweet Karma’s samosas are also available in catering packs, ideal for large Diwali or wedding celebrations and additional flavours are available, including exotic mango and rich raspberry.

The retail boxes are being offered at a special promotional offer price of £1.99 just for Diwali. (RRP £2.99)

Neeta and the Sweet Karma team will be at Quality Foods in Hounslow from 12pm on 6th,12th,20th October and 2nd November and at Quality Foods Hayes from 12pm on 5th, 13th,19th October and 1st November.

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