Cinnamon of Aberdeen won Cobra Good Curry Guide Awards 2013, BEST IN NORTHERN SCOTLAND.

Cinnamon of Aberdeen won Cobra Good Curry Guide Awards 2013, BEST IN NORTHERN SCOTLAND.

A magnificent awards presentation ceremony in conjunction with their annual charity event was held at the Cinnamon restaurant on Monday 18th November 2013. Pat Chapman, founder of Britain’s curry club, presented the awards to Bangladeshi born entrepreneur, community activist Mr Chondon Miah.

The achievement is all the more remarkable since Cinnamon only opened doors eight years ago. It has became an Aberdeen favourite, and it was not long before it came to Pat Chapman’s attention and by 2012 he had listed it as a TOP 100 restaurant. Pat Chapman pioneered the Curry Club in 1992, and he is regarded as the industry’s ultimate. For the 2013/14 season, he is making Awards to just 20 restaurants in the UK: only two of which are in Scotland, two in Wales and 16 all across England, of which The Cinnamon receives the BEST IN NORTH SCOTLAND Award. The Good Curry Guide’s edition Pat Chapman has introduced the awards since 1992.

Awards night hosted by Anis Ahmed (managing director), attended by hundreds of local celebrity, businessman and representative from charity organisation.
Receiving the new awards, Anis Ahmed, graduate in International business from Robert Gordon University, said – there is no hidden secret behind success, the only things is hard work, dedication and team work are key to success.

The Cinnamon, won British Curry awards twice, Scottish Curry Awards three consecutive years, the Cobra Curry Guide Award will add another dimension to our historical achievement – said Khalis Miah.

Over £ 3000 fund raised for different charity at the event. The night was also aims to achieve to raise substantial funds for Cinnamon’s own charity foundation the Shomi Miah Memorial Fund (SMMF) which was founded by Anis’ father in memory of their late sister and daughter Shomi Miah. The aim of this charity is to achieve Shomi’s life long ambition which is to provide free medical and educational facilities to the needy in Bangladesh. In its early years, the Shomi Miah Memorial Fund has worked very closely with Meningitis UK and has donated more than £10,000 to Meningitis UK to help with their own cause which is to find a vaccination for the deadly virus. This year the foundation has teamed up with Aberdeen Cyrenians to create a bigger and better event. All proceeds raised on this night goes to the Aberdeen Cyrenians and the SMMF.

Jabir Miah, brother of Anis, states the following: The vision now with SMMF is to keep Shomi’s ambitions alive and achieve her goal which was to set up a medical clinic and educational facility in Bangladesh that will provide free treatments and education to the unfortunate. This has now become a goal for my father, mother, brothers and even my young nieces and nephews. In the coming years we aim to hold several charity dinners as well as organise fun day events such as sponsored runs, kinds fun days in order to raise awareness for meningitis as well as raise funds for our cause. We are in the midst of working alongside a local children football team to set up a Shomi Miah football tournament that will help create awareness of our foundation.

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