British supermarkets show support for Chamarré’s colourful new plans for French wine

British supermarkets show support for Chamarré

The perception of French wine as ‘stuffy’ and out-dated is set for a radical shake up as 2006 sees the unprecedented international launch of a brand-driven, thoroughly modern wine range: Chamarré [sha-ma-ray] – French for ‘bursting with colours’.

OVS announces today that their new brand ‘Chamarré’ will be available in the UK from May 2006. Multiples Morrison’s and Somerfield will be the first UK outlets to stock bottles from the range. The UK’s largest importer of French wine – Thierry’s been selected as the agent.

“It’s time to get rid of the stuffy pretentiousness that surrounds French wine. Chamarré is about bringing our wines to life for the customer – the brand is lively, uncomplicated and approachable and means consistently high quality wines, with the fresh, easy drinking style customers are looking for.”
Renaud Rosari, Chamarré’s Master Winemaker

…a revolution…

Bright, lithe and confident, the vivid Chamarré French wine brand represents six of the largest wine co-operatives across France. By joining forces, ditching the French love affair with sacred wine region appellations and over-complicated tiered classifications, Chamarré is boldly courting controversy at every stage of its production.

With a federated sourcing network across France, the company, OVS, potentially has the highest production capacity in the country and the ability to source and produce wines from all regions and varietals. Wine producers themselves, the shareholders have a combined capacity of over 30,000 ha of vineyards and maintain total control of every stage in the wine-making process from vine to bottle. A single dedicated master winemaker, Renaud Rosari, ensures creativity, quality control and consistency.

Cross-region co-operation, a culture of consumer-driven innovation and clear, uncluttered French branding are all bold new concepts in French wine production. But Chamarré successfully marries this revolutionary approach with an appreciation of tradition.

The wholly French concept of ‘terroir’ – that everything is determined by the location, soil and even climate where it is grown – is far from forgotten. Chamarré boasts wine-growers with rich histories of wine production located throughout the country and ‘terroir’ is critical in shaping the Réserve Spéciale range, bearing Master Winemaker Renaud Rosari’s initials.

“France has world-class vineyards and an unparalleled heritage in wine production. Chamarré isn’t about to throw all that history and knowledge away. It’s about bringing it to life; retelling the story of our wine, but in a way that makes it meaningful again for today’s wine-lovers.”

Chamarré Selection is a line of grape varietals wines.
Chamarré Réserve Speciale is a collection of blends of carefully chosen grape varietals from the French regions.
Chamarré Tradition are reinterpretations of classic French appellation wines, with a more contemporary touch

The packaging features a vibrant butterfly synonymous with colour, freedom and spontaneity. Spirited and vibrant, Chamarré is about making the buying of wine as much fun as the drinking.

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