British Asians open the UK’s first Texas Chicken® Restaurants

British Asians open the UK

British Asians will be the first franchisees to open Texas Chicken® Restaurants across the UK this year. Texas Chicken is the international brand of Atlanta-based Church’s Chicken® and plans to open 36 restaurants by the end of March and 50 before the year’s end. The restaurant chain plans to cater for the multicultural and diverse population in the UK, including British Asians by offering Halal chicken.

Through its franchisees, the Texas Chicken brand will become the second largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chicken concept in the UK and aims to provide customers with a much needed and welcome alternative to KFC. The chain’s first restaurants will open in London and Birmingham this month. The majority of the 50 locations that the brand will open this year are existing Dixy Fried Chicken restaurants, whose franchisees are converting to Texas Chicken. Each franchisee will operate single or multiple restaurant locations.

“Currently in the UK, there are no strong players to compete with KFC,” said Harsha V. Agadi, CEO of Church’s Chicken. “We are entering this market to grow aggressively and provide an alternative to KFC with home-style, freshly prepared fried chicken with a unique crunch and signature side items. We feel confident that customers will try and love the taste and flavour of our chicken.”

Mohammed Zarif is the franchisee for Texas Chicken in Walthamstow, which is one of the first restaurants to open in the UK. He commented: “I’m very proud of my decision to get involved with a family-oriented brand that has a passion to serve the best fried chicken. I feel confident that I will not just keep my current customers but also expand my customer base by offering very high quality standards of product, cleanliness and service. With the addition of Halal Chicken, I am able to offer something completely different to KFC.”

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