A taste of Nigeria comes to London

A taste of Nigeria comes to London

A brand new Nigerian restaurant has opened in London with a promise of great food at reasonable prices. Biazo, in Hale Lane Edgware, has opened shop in time for Nigeria’s Independence Day on October 1 intent on filling the gap in the market for quality Nigerian restaurants

Biazo, the brainchild of husband and wife team, Bola and Kemi Olukoya, is a contemporary-styled restaurant that serves up a rich cuisine reflecting the exoticness of Nigerian culture. The 50-seater restaurant provides the kind of traditional menu you’d expect to find traveling around Nigeria, giving people the chance to try something different from the usual Friday night takeaways. Guests who have never sampled African food before will find a true taste of Nigeria in delicacies like the flame grilled suya (a tasty serving of spicy barbequed beef/goat cooked in local herbs and spices), the popular jollof rice, a mainstay rice dish in Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia, deliciously cooked in onions, tomatoes and pepper sauces or the Edikang-Ikong, a vegetable stew made with a blend of Pumpkin leaves, and water leaves combined with traditional African spices

“People need to see Nigeria through our eyes,” says founder Kemi Olukoya. “Nigeria is a colourful country with lots of great potential but the bad publicity very often means people don’t get to see or experience the rich culture. We hope Biazo will change all that. As we prepare to celebrate Nigeria’s independence from the United Kingdom on October 1, we hope it’ll be a chance for people to come out and sample what Nigeria has to offer. They might be pleasantly surprised.”

Serving lunch and dinner at affordable prices, Biazo transforms from a vibrant atmosphere during the day to relaxed evenings, with soft lighting, music and visual delights from around Africa and African themed paintings to provide the perfect eating environment.

“There’s a real gap in the market for this,” adds Bola Olukoya. “We cannot deny that lots of Nigerian restaurants have risen up in London in recent times but we can say confidently that Nigerian cuisine isn’t presented very well a lot of times because for diners, quality and ambience is usually high on the menu. We don’t just want to provide good food; we want to provide great food and an unrivalled atmosphere along with exceptional customer service.”

Kemi Olukoya says, “The Biazo experience will be truly unique for those looking for homely atmosphere in which to dine and enjoy delicious African food in an African themed environment. Why not drop by today and judge for yourself?”

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Name: Bola Olukoya
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