The Ultimate Car

The Ultimate Car

Project Kahn’s Range Rover Sport Vesuvius Edition is the ultimate car. It is a modified Range Rover Sport full of style and charisma.

The prestige bespoke vehicle will leave a distinct impression which is very special: more superior than that of a Lamborghini or Ferrari because of its special exterior modifications with similar performance to match.

Driving the Project Kahn Vesuvius means sitting behind the special windows and piloting the twin turbo supercharged engine while listening to the specially crafted stainless steel exhaust.

This special edition ultimate Range Rover gets special orange hood and custom orange interior pieces along with suede letting you know visually that this is not your average Range Rover Sport.

Just look at those wheels- they are 22 Inch RS-X Vesuvius wheels which fill out the already expanded arches in a stylish and dramatic manner.

Owning a Project Kahn Range Rover is exhilarating, however now you have a chance to own a Special Edition. The Vesuvius takes the Stage 3 Range Rover and turns it into a style icon.

The whole car is colour coded, interior and exterior, in Vesuvius orange to give that striking appearance that screams for attention. The conversion is carried out with extreme attention to detail the whole vehicle erupts with elegance…


Wheels & Tyres

– Kahn 22″ RS-X Forged
– Kahn Valve Caps


– Kahn Vesuvius Bonnet & Roof Colour
– Kahn Front Spoiler
– Kahn Complete Wide Arches
– Kahn Rear Apron
– Kahn Rear boot spoiler
– Kahn Additional Rear Lip Spoiler
– Kahn Side Vents
– Kahn Front Grille
– Kahn Smoked Rear Lights & Side Repeaters
– Pentagon Tinted Glass
– Stainless Steel Exhaust system with machined aluminum tips
– Project Kahn Oval badges
– Kahn Lettering Front & Rear


– Kahn Vesuvius Quilted Centre Box
– Kahn Vesuvius Quilted Door Panels
– Kahn Vesuvius Quilted Perforated Interior
– Kahn Vesuvius Interior Facia trim
– Kahn Headrests with Embroided Logos
– Kahn Push Button Start
– Kahn Cream Instrument Dials
– Machined aluminium foot pedals
– Stainless Steel door sill scuff plates
– Colour Parking Camera


– Kahn Umbrella
– Kahn Keyring
– Kahn fire extinguisher
– Vesuvius Watch

Kahn Design model top brand cars such as Range Rover Sport, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley and their website is

In 2001 Afzal Kahn set up V12 Power Ltd, now one of the most prestigious bespoke vehicle specialists in the UK. But keen to move away from dealing with standard manufactured vehicles, Kahn decided to go one step further and bring his own touch to bespoke vehicles: thus Project Kahn was born: now the most successful automotive design house in the UK, and with franchises around the world: Kahn is one of the most respected and celebrated bespoke car designers in the world.

Kahn purchased the F1 number Plate for a British record of over £400,000 in January 2008.

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