Purpose Lifestyle Fashion Magazine

Purpose Lifestyle Fashion Magazine

PURPOSE LIFSTYLE is set to be one of the world’s influential fashion and Lifestyle titles, we seek to blend together Women of Colour embracing the diverse cultures, fashions and lifestyle of Women.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE is for the sophisticated discerning woman, bringing her a perfect mix of exuberant fashion, exquisite styles, informative and transforming beauty pages and strong, intelligent features.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE is the lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine for Women of Colour,
PURPOSE LIFESTYLE is not just a magazine but a platform that will see the culmination of Fashion culture, Beauty and Creative expression.embracing the cultural essence of every woman.

The PURPOSE LIFESTYLE Women of Colour understands that she is often defined by, the signature of her lips, the definition of her eyes, the curve of her lips, the curl of her ears, the poise of her nose, the point of her chin through to the colour of her skin.

The PURPOSE LIFESTYLE woman is rather defined by her strength and power within, her intuitive disposition, her will, her tenacity, her vision, her inspiration, her need for knowledge, her flair for style and her passion for fashion, The PURPOSE LIFESTYLE woman understands the true power in embracing difference.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE brings together the World of Fashion, the World of Style and the World of Culture, marinated together to bring you the Woman of Colour publication all-encompassing Fashion and Lifestyle.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE is the definitive voice of today’s woman, speaking directly to the heart and spirit of every woman.
PURPOSE LIFESTYLE will bridge the gap for every woman and assist in moving their lives forward personally, professionally and spiritually. With targeted features which include Fashion, Beauty, Healthy Living, Your Purpose, Love, Life & Wealth, all of which are to engage in an intimate connection with our readers.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE brings together fashion, beauty, lifestyle and focused features creating opportunities for designers, models, creative artists and professionals. We feature and support emerging and established designers and creative’s, providing a platform for evolvement of hidden gifts and talents.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE brings together a collaboration of women, regardless of their level of experience, positioned to be informative, innovative, providing readers with the latest news, fashion trends, beauty tips, celebrity news, pictures and highlights from an array of events and updates on the best fashion and entertainment events from around the world.
The PURPOSE LIFESTYLE reader is encouraged to be true to ‘yourself’, is keen to express through various creative expressions, ready to unearth the valuable treasure that lies within,
allowing individuality and uniqueness to shine through.
We seek to enter into the lives and hearts of every woman, taking you far beyond the pages of our magazine.

PURPOSE LIFESTYLE, for women of colour, embraces the cultural essence of every



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