Project Kahn unveils the Range Rover 5.0 Supercharger Cosworth Autobiography

Project Kahn unveils the Range Rover 5.0 Supercharger Cosworth Autobiography

Unlike the majority of tuners prepared to modify Range Rover’s, Afzal Kahn has succeeded in making you think this vehicle came from the original manufacturer.

If you look on without prejudice, you will realize that Kahn’s creations always curb the wilder excesses associated with aftermarket SUV dressers.

And the principal designer has given the thumbs up to his latest project: the Range Rover 5.0 Supercharger Cosworth Autobiography, which can only be described as a head turner – edge-bound in bespoke composite akin to a rare treasure. It’s cool but retains the original Range Rover’s decorum. Yet both Westwood and Barrack Obama himself would approve.

This spectacular vehicle is a road-going piece of art and sets the benchmark for great value customisation.

On the outside, it looks immaculate. The full RS600 conversion consists of an RS front bumper spoiler, RS front bumper billet rings, RS side skirts with billet finish strips, rs rear bumper including rear defuser, rs quad exhaust system with super sound, RS rear lamps, inner light sections in matt black, RS blue time clock, RS door entry sill plates, RS welcome lighting package, RS Red Calipers, MATT Black door handles, MATT Black side vents and body coloured bonnet vent.

Inside is the ‘bespoke touch’. We provide our customers with the opportunity to express one’s individuality. And they can have whatever they want. Afzal Kahn could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an exterior the colour of your son’s trainers and an interior with seats the same shade of lets say, of your daughter’s shoes. Customers could change the colour of the clock, or ask for anything else, the world is their oyster, so to speak.

In addition, the huge reduction in radial inertia and unsprung weight offered by the 22″ RS-X wheels offer substantial improvements in performance and handling.

If you are one of many who are already subscribed to Afzal Kahn’s philosophy and would like to find out more about the Range Rover 5.0 Supercharger Cosworth Autobiography, contact Ian Sanderson:

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