Mehndi and Charity: A Marriage made in Heaven

Mehndi and Charity: A Marriage made in Heaven

Scottish Asian Wedding Show utilises Mehndi To Raise Money For Cancer Research

For any Asian bride the intricate application of mehndi is one of the most significant parts of her pre-wedding ritual. Mehndi is the oldest documented cosmetic and using henna paste elaborate patterns are applied to the skin, traditionally on the hands and feet in the days leading up to the big day. Mehndi is used in many celebratory occasions yet it is often bridal mehndi that is the most intricate and complex, making it all the more important to ensure the artist is particularly competent.

At this year’s 3rd annual Occasions Scottish Asian Wedding Show on the 4th of April at the Radisson BLU Hotel, Glasgow, mehndi artists from around Scotland will be showcasing their proficiency at this art. Among them is Mehndi artist and author of ‘The First British Book of Henna’, Farah Khan. Khan will be designing mehndi for brides-to-be and visitors of the show within this year’s Cancer Research stand with 50% of proceeds going to Cancer Research.

Dating back centuries, mehndi artists or family members will often incorporate the initials of the bride and groom within the dense design and according to legend to initiate intimacy on the wedding night the groom must first find these initials by searching his new wife’s body.

After many years within the field Khan is very familiar with how significant mehndi is for some brides, “for Asian brides their mehndi is something very special, it’s a ritual of great importance with a lot of emotional ties, so it can often become a very therapeutic process for the bride. When I touch their hands they start talking – they feel they can tell me things they normally wouldn’t tell anyone!”

Combining the traditional with the modern is also very important for many soon to be brides. Khan has seen numerous styles of mehndi go in and out of style stating “nowadays, brides don’t want to be splattered in orange. For the modern British Asian bride less is definitely more. They want more spacious and elegant designs. This season’s hot trend is floral – flowers, leaves and paisley patterns mixed into intricate and flowing motifs. Henna trends come in and out of fashion but right now circles, swirls and curls are very in.”

The Occasions Scottish Asian Wedding Show is being held at the Radisson BLU Hotel, Glasgow on the 4th of April from 12 noon until 7pm. The aim of the show is to provide couples with the finest examples of both Asian and Western cuisine, clothing, jewellery, make-up and much more to ensure they get the very best out of their wedding day. Farah Khan will be designing mehndi at the Cancer Research stand between 12pm-3pm, while other mehndi artists will be available throughout the all day event.

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