Launch of new book ‘Footprints of Giants’ set to inspire a generation to greatness

Launch of new book

A new book by Dr .T. Ayodele Ajayi’s entitled ‘Footprints of Giants’,launched this week has been a heralded as a must read for anyone looking to see substantive positive changes in their lives.

This inspirational page turner has been published in paperback priced at £9.99, (ISBN 978-1-907402-03-6) and is a must read for anyone interested in discovering and developing habits of greatness.

Motivated by the desire to awaken the sleeping giant that this author believes resides in every individual, this book sets out six practical ways in which good intentions can be turned into good habits.

This book is written in a way that gives the reader the sense that they are being gently steered towards making the changes needed in life to bring about good success. Each chapter concludes with a summary, reflection and an action point that highlights how to translate the good advice into life changing habits.
Clearly a labour of love, Dr Ajayi’s literary offering has been crafted to galvanise the reader to action by providing the sort of practical advice that will enable them to unravel their greatness in order to, as the author so poetically puts it, ‘leave their own footprint on the sand of time’.

Dr Ajayi gives insight on how to ensure anyone who reads this book, will not only live a great life, but also leave a great legacy by helping others around them to do the same. He challenges the reader to think beyond their generation and consciously leave a footprint on subsequent generations by raising great men and women after their own kind.
He concludes the book by introducing readers to the greatest giant who ever lived-The Giant of all Giants.

If you are looking for how to identify and form habits that will enable you to take giant strides to greatness then, ‘Footprints of Giants’ is a book you must read.

‘Outstanding and lasting success in any of life’s endeavours, be it marriage, career, parenting, business or ministry has a traceable path that can be found and followed. The inevitable consequence of such discovery and mastery is outstanding success. My aim would have been achieved if on turning the final page of this book my reader goes away with a conviction that indeed they are giants in their own rights,” Dr Ajayi said.

Footprints of Giants is available at Amazon (worldwide), Barnes & Nobel, Ingrams and other leading online stores.

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