Georgie W. Couture unveils Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection

Georgie W. Couture unveils Autumn/Winter 2008 Collection

This year prepare to be amazed by Georgie W. Couture…

The exciting and vibrant Autumn/Winter 08 collections by Georgie W. Couture held its début at Nolcha Fashion Week in London. Nolcha Fashion week, famed for their New York Show, held their inaugural London show on 11th February 2008, featuring Georgie W. Couture as the only UK designer, in a truly outstanding display. Indeed editorial media, buyers, onlookers and society fashionistas were impressed by the array of designs and ideas.

Georgie W. Couture:

News of head designer Georgette’s talent is currently creating waves in the fashion industry. Her fresh and innovative designs are earning her the reputation on both sides of the Atlantic as London’s hottest designer. A naturally talented and self taught designer, Georgette’s innate sense of style enables her to create collections which are sophisticated, glamorous and chic. Georgette is guaranteed to stage a thrilling show to heighten the senses.

Autumn/Winter Collection 2008:

‘London Town’ calls out to an eclectic mix – from Royals to WAGs, the King’s Road to Brick Lane, urban to punk, and encompassing high street to vintage – every taste is catered for.

This new collection revisits Georgette’s retrospective nature, drawing on inspiration from the 50’s and 70’s bringing them swiftly into the new millennium. Georgette says ‘These were the times when glamour and fashion were everything, and absolutely essential for making you feel good – my collection enables you to experience this’.

‘London Town’ – the ultimate inspirational city where classic and modern are shown equal appreciation, is the perfect backdrop for this collection. It’s exciting, cosmopolitan and each garment captures a part of its essence. With timeless vintage cuts, combined with modern detailing, this collection ranges from puff sleeve hooded jackets to high waisted skirts, and the essential city body amour – the leather mini dress. The accentuated silhouettes are feminine with a hard edge. Menswear is effortless, metro-sexual – smart and casual. The combination of robust and luxurious materials, of embroidered wools, silks, satins and leather with nuisances of taffeta and denim in royale blues, demon black with accents of burnt orange, silver grey and shades of purple perfectly mirror the diverse mix which is ‘London Town’.

Nolcha London Fashion Week:

Enhancing the careers of emerging fashion industry talent, Nolcha Fashion Career Network is a unique multifaceted platform. It enables aspiring and talented designers to debut their collections, gain and share industry insight, and realize their entrepreneurial goals and dreams. This platform synthesizes live events, regional fashion weeks, and a myriad of cross promotional mediums that spearheads our emerging designers directly into professional channels. Nolcha Fashion Career Network is an environment composed of three key elements: Nolcha Fashion Week: NYC & London, Nolcha TV, and Nolcha Métier Magazine.

Statements about the collection:

– Philip Sallon, Fashion guru: “Fabulous darling”

– Fashion Capital: “High fashion elegance was key, with sharp tailoring, embroidery detail, soft silks and statement leather. To say that the fashion show was great would be an understatement. The collection was fantastic”

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