Fabryan Celebrates 1950s Glamour for AW13

Fabryan Celebrates 1950s Glamour for AW13

Fresh from rave reviews at Berlin Fashion week, womenswear brand Fabryan is delighted to announce the launch of their Autumn/Winter 13 collection.

Inspired by 1950s glamour, the collection features light tones in whites and darker tones in blacks alongside splashes of red to create a perfect contrast. Delicate organic silks and laces create contrast of textures, and rich wool adds weight to the collection.

“The old black & white movies captivate me” says designer Samantha-Jane. “I love this era so much as it evokes glamour, class and the start of female dominance in fashion. Women experimented with their clothing and embraced fashion – I hope that this new collection has translated this, coupled with my own modern twist”.

The designer shows her skill throughout the collection, utilising intricate hand techniques on fabrics. The ensuing textures that these techniques develop play a pivotal role in the AW13 collection.
The ‘Fabryan’ woman is a modern lady who is not afraid to stand out. She is elegant; she embraces her body, wearing clothes that accentuate her curves without being a fashion victim.

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