Designer Brand To Release Summer Collection

Designer Brand To Release Summer Collection

Aab reveal that their new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection (featuring abayas, jilbabs, and hijabs) will be exclusively showcased on their website.

Aab are soon to launch their latest collection of elegant and tailored garments online. The fabulous new spring/summer range will be showcased and launched on their website in the next few days.

The collection is an array of lightweight and cool fabrics that look chic and will provide welcome relief from the soaring summer temperatures. Natural fabrics have been used which are thinner, with a softer feeling on the skin, and will make you feel graceful, cool, airy, and very comfortable.

The new range features abayas for everyday and at work, glamorous (and modest) clothing for special occasions, as well as a vast range of hijabs and accessories, all handcrafted from the finest fabrics available.

The name Aab is derived from the Persian translation for water. They used the name because water embodies our spirit – which is again shown in the new collection, as water is both natural, cool, flows, and has no borders or ethnicity.

Each collection redefines the style of the traditional clothing and fused it with modern stylish patterns. Their more contemporary approach to design has drawn in an exciting younger chic demographic to Islamic clothing and the new range will contribute greatly to their flourishing reputation.

Visit their website to view Aab’s stylish range of abayas, jilbabs, and hijabs.

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