5 Beach Babe Hairstyles by Celebrity Hair Stylist Asgar

5 Beach Babe Hairstyles by Celebrity Hair Stylist Asgar

Hello beach! We have been dreaming of you. You have been our favourite secret place to let our minds wander during the dull months of winter. It’s taken us a while, but we have finally made you our real destination. Now that we have pushed our black suits to the back of the wardrobe and overdosed on candy-hued pastels it’s time to hibernate the monotonous sleekness of tight ponytails and neat office buns. We want our hair to be carefree, sexy, tousled and adventurous: We want beach hair!

Asgar Saboo, Celebrity Hairstylist and Style Director at the Daniel Galvin Salon (Mayfair) shares with us his favourite easy-breezy hairstyles to get the sporty sexy on-the-go beach babe look. According to the hair guru, the key to this look is to make your hair seem inherently effortless and feminine.

Mermaid waves: For Asgar, mermaid waves are the most fitting look for the beach. Nothing says summer-at-the-beach like a tousled mane of bouncing locks. If your hair is thin try using a thickening shampoo that will help give you volume. For thicker hair, anti-frizz serums work wonders to keep it from going wild. To achieve the curls use large Velcro rollers or create waves by carefully twisting them around a flat iron. If your hair is naturally wavy, Asgar recommends applying salt spray to your damp hair and scrounging it up to create lovely messy waves.

Innocent halo braid. If you are planning on lying for hours toasting in the sun, it’s time to learn how to halo braid. This practical hairstyle feminine, yet very low maintenance. Most importantly, it allows you to keep your hair away from your face. Asgar recommends creating two braids on either side of your head and wrapping them across the front so they overlap. He then suggests tucking the ends of the plaits and securing them with bobby pins.

Dip-dyed surfer hair. The dip-dyed trend is here to stay. If you’ve been wanting change your look, Summer is the ideal time to be spontaneous. Asgar suggests colouring the ends of your hair to get a radiant fun-loving beach look. Lighter colours scream summer, however make sure not to go too light as the sun often causes the colour of hair to become lighter also.

Dreamy half-up half-down up do. This is a simple and flattering way to gather your hair for a long beach day, Asgar recommends braiding your hair while it’s still damp to create loose waves and then sweeping the top of your hair backwards and creating a messy bun or an undone braid.

The just-back-from-a-swim ‘wet look’: A wet look style is a refreshing solution to a sizzling day at the beach. The essence of this hairstyle is to look like you’ve just emerged from the sea. Asgar recommends going for a fully wet look by generously applying volumiser to dampen the hair and thoroughly combing it backwards to achieve the slicked-back look. He suggests using a strong finishing spray to hold it in place as well as a high-shine product to make it look glossy.

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