The Green candidate who will stop the BNP’s leader

The Green candidate who will stop the BNP

List-election maths shows Green candidate is best placed to defeat Nick Griffin

Green candidate speaks of pride in a multi-racial, multi-cultural Britain

"Battle for fourth place has never been so crucial"

The crucial battle affecting the BNP’s Euro-election dreams will be the one for fourth place behind the three main parties, says the UK’s Independent newspaper this week (1) – and the man best placed to defeat BNP leader Nick Griffin is the Green Party’s Peter Cranie (2).

The big three parties each claim that the D’Hondt regional list voting system used in UK Euro-elections is such a “lottery” that supporting them is the best way to beat the BNP (3). But the Greens are pointing to the fact that statistically the big three usually take most of the seats, and the final seat in a region almost always goes to the highest-polling of the smaller parties (4).

In North West England – where the BNP leader hopes to force an entry to the European Parliament – the battle for fourth place, and for the crucial eighth and final seat, is between the Greens and the BNP.

Recession – “BNP stokes resentment, Greens offer solution”

While the BNP seeks to make political capital out of the economic insecurities heightened by the recession, says the Green Party, the Greens are offering the antidote to both poverty and extremism – by pushing for massive investment in new green industries, and showing how Britain can afford to pay for it.

The North West Green Party’s election manifesto will offer policies that between them could create well over 100,000 jobs in the region that was the birthplace of the world’s first industrial revolution.

Peter Cranie told the Independent: “A Green vote is a vote for jobs.”

And he warned:

“In an environment of economic fear and insecurity, the seeds are being sown – racism and intolerance – by a party that in its constitution bars any person because of the colour of their skin and the home of their ancestors.”

Racism is “blot on the face of our society” and BNP “a disgrace to Britain”

Peter, a 36-year-old father of a baby boy, who works for a parenting support charity on Merseyside and is the Green Party’s national spokesperson on children, schools and families, added today:

“British society is stronger for its diversity.

“British cities like Liverpool and Manchester owe part of their greatness to the migrations that have occurred over the centuries.

“People who come to live here from other countries are our colleagues and neighbours and business partners – they’re part of our communities, part of what we mean when we say ‘us.’

“Racism is a blot on the face of our civilised, enlightened society and the BNP are a disgrace to Britain.

“Elected Greens have a track record of defending and creating jobs and supporting their community. The BNP, when they’ve got councillors elected, have done nothing for local people.”

He concluded:

“The 4th of June 2009 will be a historic day for Britain. The politics of hope must triumph over the politics of hate.”

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