The emerging pan-European Islamophobic hysteria: how should Muslims respond?

An EMN Conference with

– Victoria Brittain, Journalist and co-author with Moazzam Begg of his book Enemy Combatant
– Gwen Griffith Dickson, Director of Lokahi Foundation.
– Fouad Imrraine, Collectif des Musulmans de France (France)
– Lee Jasper (Chair), Senior Advisor to the Mayor of London on Race and Policing
– Redmond O’Neil, Director of Transport and Public Affairs, Greater London Authority Mayor’s Office.
– Arzu Merali, Head of Research Section, Islamic Human Rights Commission
– Tariq Ramadan, President of the European Muslim Network, senior research fellow St Antony’s College (Oxford) and at the Lokahi Foundation (London).

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Present efforts to challenge the gross misrepresentations of Muslims and Islam in the media and across the political spectrum are not working. As media scare stories increase in both number and ferocity, fuelled by the calculated pronouncements of politicians and intelligence services, the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim citizens in Europe escalating to dangerous levels. It is now essential that European Muslims become politically engaged in the societies they live in.

This Conference will explore the European-wide phenomenon and discuss strategies, tactics and practical actions that need to be adopted to counter attacks on Muslims and bring communities together in the fight for social justice for all.

This event is supported by the 1990 Trust.

Region: All
Start Date: 08/12/2006
End Date:
Start Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: Greater London Authority
Venue Address: City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, London
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Name: Ruhul Tarafder