Sohale Rahman an honest independent candidate for MEP (London region)

Sohale Rahman, Independent Candidate for the London Region European Parliamentary Elections on 4th June. We can finally have an honest person in the Parliament, who can really represent our voices and not his personal pocket! Enough with the sleazy politicians. A real person for real people.


12th May 2009

Sohale Rahman, Independent Candidate for the London Region European Parliamentary Elections, battled with Mary Honeyball (Labour MEP) and Baroness Sarah Ludford (Lib Dem MEP) live (11 May @ 7pm) on Islam Channel and took home a couple of scalps.

Sohale was the only candidate to engage the BNP at a BNP canvassing stall. “I asked them about their repatriation scheme ….. and they said they would buy me a ticket.” “But they did not have any agreements with any country to accept” those being repatriated.

On the Hijab ban in France and other parts of Europe, Sohale corrected the prevailing ignorance confirming that the Hijab is not a symbol of Islam and could not be banned under religious symbol pretext. “The Hijab ban is actually an appeasement to the underlying current of racism in Europe.”

Indeed, Mary revealed that it was commonplace to hear Islamophobic views in the European Parliament.

On expenses, Sohale challenged party leaders to at least apply what they thought was correct on their members. (Today, David Cameron announced exactly that.) Sohale stated MPs weren’t forced to claim ambiguous expenses and it was a conscious decision that each of them made. “It’s time politicians recognise that they are not our leaders but our representatives. We are their leaders.”

Sarah and Mary would not endorse sanctions against Israel for its unprecedented crimes against humanity. Sohale demonstrated that Europe banned seal meat from Canada because of the merciless way baby seals were clubbed to death. Yet MEPs were not similarly moved on the question of Palestinian children being mercilessly blown to pieces. Sohale explicitly advocated a complete suspension of the EU Trade Agreement with Israel and sanctions.

Speaking to a caller Sohale encouraged viewers not to boycott the election but to use the process to vote them out.

Speaking afterwards, Sohale said “it is a shame that MEPs, professing to be anti-racist, knew so little about racism and its manifestations and had not engaged or challenged those who advocate and sympathise with such views.”


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