Radical Ideas for a Diverse Britain

On the day that America has elected a new black President, authors Dr. Atul Shah and Dr. Aidan Rankin are launching a new book entitled ‘Social
Cohesion: A Jain Perspective’.

The book draws on the time-tested vision and science of ancient India to develop new solutions for the social crises facing modern Britain. Prof. Werner Menski of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, has said: ‘This is a very important book which is timely and relevant to the problems faced by modern Britain’.
Simon Keyes, Director at St. Ethelburgas, a major new centre for peace and reconciliation, explained: ‘”Jain wisdom speaks to our current debates about “social cohesion” in a most interesting and helpful way. I hope this excellent and accessible book will be widely read by policy-makers, activists and anyone concerned with understanding what enables communities to cohere.”

Jainism is a Dharma of Non-violence which influenced Mahatma Gandhi, where respect is not just defined in people terms, but in terms of respect for all life. The book shows practical policy solutions in areas such as Home and Family Life, Business Ethics, Health, Education, Environment, Diversity and Inclusion, and Political System. The government would do well to listen to the voice of these profound scholars, whose work draws on a wealth of knowledge and wisdom of living in multi-cultural Britain. There are 35000 Jains living in Britain today and they have been practicing their values for decades. Dr. Atul Shah is founder and CEO of a social enterprise called ‘Diverse Ethics’ and author of ‘Celebrating Diversity’ and Dr. Aidan Rankin is author of the outstanding book ‘The Jain Path – Ancient Wisdom for the West.’

The book is available free on-line at
or printed copies can be bought at £10 each from Diverse Ethics Ltd.

An event to discuss the book has been planned for 3rd Dec at St.

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