Pay gap worse for ethnic minority women

Women from ethnic minorities are paid less then their white male colleagues, research highlighted by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

Women who come from an ethnic minority will earn considerably less over the course of their working life. Pakistani women earn a huge 26% less than relation white British males and Black African and Bangladeshi women earn 21% and 17.9% less respectively.

The Liberal Democrats today [Thursday] launch a series of policies to prevent discrimination against women in the workplace, including pay audits to allow women to see if they are being paid less and ‘no name’ application forms to prevent unconscious discrimination against women.

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson, Lynne Featherstone said:

“Forty years on from the Equal Pay Act, the Government still hasn’t put its own house in order.

“It is a sad reflection on the state of equal pay in this country that women from an ethnic minority can expect to earn so much less then their white male colleagues.

“Women shouldn’t be made to wait another 40 years before they are paid equally. Companies should do all they can to make sure that discrimination against all women in the workplace is finally stopped.”


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