Liam Fox: Nato is facing a crisis of resolve

Speaking in advance of a meeting of Nato Leaders today in Belgium, the Shadow Defence Secretary, Dr Liam Fox said:

“Nato is facing a crisis of resolve. Those who hesitate to reinforce the Nato mission should remember why we are there. We cannot allow Afghanistan to become a breeding ground for Al Qaeda again and we cannot allow the Taliban to destroy the human rights of the Afghan people.

“Those Nato countries who are genuinely concerned about security and human rights need to understand that now is the time to act. Nato’s reputation is on the line. Those who do not have the political resolve to fully commit to success should ponder the strategic cost of failure.

“Peace is never cost-free and if we want to improve the security of our own people and deliver on our promises to the people of Afghanistan, it is time to deal with a potentially damaging crisis of resolve.”

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