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Home Terrorism, who to blame!

The Prime Minister David Cameron delivered his speech on the Governments strategy on how to defeat the poison of Islamist extremism on the streets of Britain.

Many points were raised by the PM but his points raise more eyebrows than answers for many. Cameron has promised to allow parents to cancel their children’s passports if they suspect that their kids are at risk, well will the PM also look into the relationship of parents and their children and also what will the Government be doing about what some call online terrorist grooming?

The Government is now going to run a five year plan to  defeat home grown terrorism but will  Cameron also be looking at political terrorism and Britain’s constant support of a nation which cages children, women and men. Britain welcomes a nation that refuses to recognise the people’s democratically voted Government of Palestine, why is Britain not speaking up about this, why is Britain hell bent on supporting the USA in every attack they make on Nation’s which are primarily Muslim. Home grown terrorism doesn’t just come about from watching tv or reading newspapers but by the actions of Governments who have in-turn created a poison who are targeting  youngsters who feel they have no real identity in this country or across Europe mainly.

Cameron talks about greater power for Ofcom to deal with some of the so called extremist coverage on cable tv but what about the negative reporting that we hear on mainstream radio & TV, the constant reports of Muslim’s killing or bombing non Muslim’s when in fact more Muslim’s are being killed. The British papers constantly run negative articles on Muslims in the UK and if any community were subjected to this daily, then how would you expect them to feel?

I have just come back from a trip to Nazareth where I saw Christians and Muslims living side by side, religious leaders breaking fast together and people treating each other with respect, it has given me hope that somewhere in the world there a sense of real community cohesion but what I now see in Britain is segregation, a BBC Asian Network and a BBC 1Xtra, so Asian culture sits there and Black on the other side and then Radio 1 can stand alone as a station which in effect is white! Our politicians have allowed this country to become divided, whites over here, Blacks & Asian over there, now the same is happening with Muslim’s in Britain! Ghettos have been created, we have not done enough to encourage greater integration, what we have done is make people feel unwanted, that’s your area and this is ours!

This country has become  a nation of divided communities, the right wing with all their ignorance have not been shut out of the media but instead the moderate Muslim has, constant reports of to many Mosques and driving white people out of our communities is all we hear on mainstream media, maybe OFCOM and Cameron need to look closer to come and create a nation that accepts people and will help them with learning more about British culture instead of trying to always make out that Muslim’ are the only people to blame for home grown terrorism!

If you give people hope and a sense of belonging, no matter who they are, you will  end up having a less divided society. Britain needs greater integration and less segregation, at the same time discovering each other’s cultures while being proud to be British!

Pedro Carvalho