Governments failing Asian and Minority owned businesses. says IAP

Governments failing Asian and Minority owned businesses. says IAP

Governments failing Asian and Minority owned businesses, says IAP

· 40% of business owners expect that the Scottish economy will improve in the next six months.
· Up to 60% of Asian businesses say The Scottish Government is not supporting businesses.
· Only 20% of Asian business owners feel satisfied with the level of Scot Govt led business services.
· Many businesses require help, not spin and rhetoric.

The Institute of Asian Professionals (IAP) carried out its business confidence and support survey in Scotland from around 1,800 businesses out of the 4,400 registered in Scotland and analysed the results, which were based on evidence from various sectors such as manufacturing, retail and financial services.

The recession has affected many minority owned businesses and a number are struggling to survive. In order to keep their businesses going, many are seeking advice from alternative support agencies and professionals in their respective areas.

Many business owners feel that Governments and economic agencies are sitting too comfortable in their own villages and do not understand the pain businesses are going through.

Other than economic barriers, some feel that the Government could do a much better job of promoting public confidence in the economy. This in itself will alleviate many of the negative psychological barriers that people have put up which have exacerbated the economic situation.

The survey also found that many business owners found the new licensing laws were costly, complicated and perhaps unnecessary.

Commenting on the findings, Amjid Akram, Chief Executive of the IAP said:

“The results are a strong indication that Asian businesses are been marginalised with no clear policy on issues of support for existing businesses or any clue on cultural constraints. It is important for all Governments to stop talking and start doing more for Asian and Minority owned businesses. I want to see our political leaders to take responsibility of these important issues and deliver real change and deliver it now. No time for rhetoric.

Too long Asian businesses have been snubbed and not enough effort has been made in promoting or engaging such businesses. The focus should not only be on large enterprises who fail to deliver results but more is needed to support small to medium sized enterprises which are the foundation of our economy.

It is clear that The Scottish Government has no clear economic or financial policy towards Asian businesses in Scotland. They need to do more in this area and be proactive in a sector that despite the lack of policy support is doing as best as it can in what is a very difficult economic climate.

We at the IAP are here to help all businesses and professionals and are really proactive in our approach. I hope, in due course, we can say the same about the Scottish Government and the related economic agencies. We need to look forward to new pockets of growth not past practices and old industrial age strategies. As I said, talk is cheap, lets actually do something!”



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