Dominic Grieve: It’s time for action, not more talk from Labour

Commenting on Tony Blair’s speech today about multi-culturalism, Dominic Grieve, Shadow Attorney General and Spokesman for Community Cohesion said:

“Tony Blair has made an important speech. We find ourselves in agreement with the vast majority of what has he said. We have been saying these things for a long time.

“The speech constitutes a remarkable turnaround. Many of the problems in relation to the issues he addresses are at least in part the consequence of a philosophy of divisive multi-culturalisim and political correctness that has been actively promoted by the Labour Party over many years at both national and local government levels. It is to be hoped that the rhetoric of his speech will result in action.”

Caroline Spelman, Shadow Local Government Secretary, added:

“Social integration is one of the greatest challenges we face, but there seemed to be little reference in the speech to the role of local government in helping deliver this. National government needs to work hand in hand with local government to address the cycle of poverty, hopelessness, alienation and radicalism which we see in pockets of deprivation across the country

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