David Davis: Controlling Economic Migration

The Conservative Party has today published a pamphlet on Controlling Economic Migration.

Commenting, Shadow Home Secretary, David Davis, said:

“Immigration is an important issue, which deserves calm and serious treatment. We believe that Britain would benefit if a consensus could develop about the best way to make sure we benefit from migration. We also believe that a socially responsible immigration policy needs proper controls to build public confidence in the system. This is an attempt to help build that consensus.

“Our main conclusions are:

Asylum policy should be separated from policy on economic migration. This paper deals only with economic migration.
Britain benefits economically from immigration, but not all or any immigration.

“We propose a two-stage process for deciding whose application should be successful. The first stage will be to make eligible for admission those who will benefit the economy.

“The second stage will be to control the numbers with regard to the wider effects on society. These effects include the ability of the public services and infrastructure to cope with new arrivals at both national and local levels, the environmental impact of a rapidly rising population, and the potential effects on community cohesion.

“Most years, we would expect the result of our approach to be a positive level of net immigration, but the exact figure would only be calculated after an annual consultation exercise with a number of bodies, including local authorities and housing and public service providers. While the precise number for any year cannot be predicted at this point, we would expect it to be significantly less than current levels from the rest of the world outside the EU.

“To make this work we need better enforcement methods. This means a border force which is also trained and empowered to concentrate on those who over-stay, and the backlog of those working here illegally. All of this should be put in the context of a proper national debate about demographics, population levels and the distribution of population.”

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