Conservatives support Highly Skilled Migrant Demonstration

Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green, will today (Thursday) join a demonstration by highly skilled migrants whose ability to stay in Britain has been affected by Government rule changes. The change to the rules in the Highly Skilled Migrants Programme hits 49,000 migrants who previously met the criteria for working here. Conservatives object to the retrospective effect of the changes, which mean that highly skilled workers who are already in Britain and intend to remain no longer qualify to do so.

Damian Green said:

“Everyone agrees that Britain benefits from highly-skilled migrants. The Government’s decision to change the rules so that people who are already here and want to stay are now disqualified is both unfair and wrong-headed.

“It is unfair because the people involved have made a commitment to this country which is being flung back in their faces. It is wrong-headed because it sends a signal to highly-skilled people around the world that Britain is an unreliable place to work.

“Conservatives want an immigration policy which is tough and thoughtful. The current Government are talking tough but acting stupidly. It has failed to control our borders, so it is lashing out at precisely the people who benefit our economy. This is another in the growing list of disasters from John Reid’s Home Office.”

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