BMH UK’s launch second ‘Shout out to the sistah’s’ list for International Women’s day 2015


BMH UK celebrates International Women’s day with their second ‘shout out to the sisters’ list of exceptional women who are already ‘making it happen’. Their outstanding work in the community, nationally and in internationally has all in one way or another assisted in helping the stakeholder groups that BMH UK has been set up to serve.

This list of 30 fine and fabulous women is in no particular order because every sister listed here is brilliant and beautiful in their own right we give a massive ‘shout out’ to:

1. Alicia Spence ‘a mother in the struggle’ and services director of ACCI the UK’s oldest black led community based mental health service in the country.

2. Elizabeth Pears editor of The Voice, Brition’s leading black newspaper.

3. Rt Hon Theresa May MP Home Secretary has done more to raise the profile of the disproportionate numbers of people from the UK’s African Caribbean communities who are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, than any other politician in Government.

4. Prof Verne Shepherd, one of the most senior figures of the Diaspora in the international human rights arena.

5. Matilda MacAttram director of human rights camapigns group BMH UK, the only agency in the UK advocating for black Britions rights in the area of policy at a national and international level.

6. Jenny Martin, chair and international officer at UNISON Staffordshire West Midlands Probation.

7. Maureen Lewis, Wassal Black Sisters Collective (WBSC).

8. Amina Ofosu editor of Diss Nation
9. Sonia Meggie founder and director of Inspirational You, has inspired a generation of young men and women to excellence.

10. Esther Stamford a leading light in the reparations movement

11. Cllr Sandra Samuels, a sister with fierce fashion sense and a politician with a heart for the people.

12. Dr Vivienne Lyfar Cisse founder and chair of the only national NHS BME health network in the UK.

13. Rachel Barclay founder and director of the Two Way Street The Two Way Street (TWS).

14. Yvonne Mosquito is one of the community’s most respected politicians and deputy of the country largest police commission.

15. Mali Bouattia NUS Black Students Campaign officer.

16. Baroness Jenny Jones deputy chair of the Police and Crime Committee at the Greater London Authority.

17. Jennette Arnold OBE ME GLA, has consistently spoken out against the injustices faced by people from the community who are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act.

18. June Ray former chief of the Civil Society Section in the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

19. Dr Michelle Funk Coordinator, Mental Health Policy and Service Development, Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO (World Health Organisation).

20. Estella Western director of Family Health Isis, London’s oldest and almost only surviving black led community based mental health service.

21. Amina Taylor, Press TV, a tenacious journalist ever ready with her mike and camera, no matter where in the country that story may be breaking.

22. Fanny Grâce Azanya a Swiss Fellow of the United Nations Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.

23. Shantrelle Patrice Lewis Brooklyn-based curator, writer, and multimedia artist this UN Fellow of the 2014 cohort uses her creative skills to document and record key aspect of the Diaspora’s experience through the creative arts.

24. Sis Levi at Impudum is a stalwart grass roots activist working at the heart of the African community to address many of the ongoing inequalities and injustices that continue to be felt hardest by black Britons.

25. Sis Kai Ouagadou-Mbandaka of Voice of African Radio is a community political activist who has consistently used her platform and networks to educate and inform the community.

26. Angella Corinna, a poet, singer and songwriter. Her musical and creative talents are used to expresses some of the deepest human emotions and experiences.

27. Barbara Lewis headed up – Amaani Talawaa Nottingham’s only black led mental healthcommunity based support service.

28. Caronline Honour is an inspirational sister and survivor of the services.

29. Halima Sayed, Black Women’s Forum UK is among the very active group of young black women who are already taking their place among the new leaders of their generation.

30. Marcia Jarrett the head of Tamarind, the only BME Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Service.

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