BMH UK launch new campaign for innocent people on DNA database to have their police records deleted

BMH UK launch new campaign for innocent people on DNA database to have their police records deleted

A new campaign to ensure that innocent people are not left with the status of a criminal even after their DNA has been removed from the National Criminal DNA database has been launched by human rights group Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK).

Backed by GeneWatch UK, this online campaign is calling for the records of all innocent people to be deleted from the Police National Computer (PNC) and Police National Database (PND) at the same time that their DNA is deleted.

Anyone who is profiled on the DNA database has had their details entered onto three databases: the National DNA database, the fingerprint database and the Police National Database (formerly the Police National Computer).

These records can be used to refuse someone a visa or a job simply because they have a record of arrest.

For the past three years BMH UK has been campaigning against the way the DNA database has criminalised black Briton. Every black family in Britain is affected.

With the Bill now in committee stage in the House of Common’s BMH UK are making calls for support of their campaign by asking people to visit the campaigns page at and download the lobbying letter, changing it as appropriate and then e-mail or post it to their local MP.

‘These coming months will see the final push on this legislation, what we end up with will be determined by how much we speak out on this issue.

Now is the time to contact your MP over the retention of the PNC and PND records of innocent people, who have been profiled on the DNA database. We must let them know that we want these records destroyed at the same time all innocent DNA is deleted as this has major implications on how people will be treated in the future,’ Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK said.

‘This bill is very welcome in its proposals to remove the DNA and fingerprint record of innocent people but it is important innocent people also don’t have criminal records on the police national computer. We urge people to contact their MPs to let them know both PNC and PND records of innocent people need to be deleted,’ Helen Wallace director of GeneWatch UK said.

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