Birmingham Council promoting community cohesion through Equality Scheme on Religion and Belief

The City Council is set to approve its new Religion and Belief Equality Scheme at Cabinet on 18 December.

The document “Religion and Belief Equality Scheme (RBES) 2007-2010” will be the Council’s main framework for meeting the requirements of the EU Employments Directive 2000 and the Equality Act 2006, on faith, religion and belief.

The scheme covers the provision of goods, facilities, services and the prohibition of direct and indirect discrimination within the workplace on the grounds of religion and belief. Planning and preparation of the document has included contributions from a range of interested parties and stakeholders.

Cllr Alan Rudge, Cabinet Member for Equalities & Human Resources, said;
“Birmingham City Council’s vision for the city places support for equality and diversity amongst our highest priorities. Our ‘Religion and Belief Equality Scheme 2007-2010’ underlines our commitment, as well as fulfilling our statutory duties. “

He added; “Faith is often a powerful factor in personal and community identity. The major faiths are consistent in describing respect for others as a fundamental value. Birmingham City Council is also committed to continuing and strengthening its relationship with faith communities”.

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