As India Elects A New Prime Minister – Sikhs Remember Indira Gandhi’s Holocaust.”

As India Elects A New Prime Minister - Sikhs Remember Indira Gandhi

With the elections in India looking likely to see BJP- leader Narendra Modi swept into power, a new book remembers the tyrannical rule of Indira Gandhi three decades ago.

Sikhs across the UK will be commemorating the 30th anniversary of the attack on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, an operation orchestrated by the former Prime Minsiter; with a special book release and speaker event on Wednesday 28th May 2014 between 2pm – 4pm at Kings College London.

‘Reflections on 1984’ by Harjinder Singh, delves into the tragic events in India in 1984 to reveal just why Indira Gandhi orchestrated an Army attack on the Sikh Vatican. The book assesses the last 30 years and discusses terrorism, extremism, genocide and separatism.

The atrocities have a continuing effect on the psyche of Sikhs in the UK. Last year, the Indian Army General who led the attacks was viciously beaten in central London – five people including one woman have been sent to prison for the crime.

Speaking about the new book, author Harjinder Singh says: “The 30th anniversary and the current Indian elections is an appropriate time to look at the atrocities of Amritsar 1984 and with research and analysis understand why the events took place. Was it because of terrorists who wanted a separate Sikh homeland – or was it the tyranny of a woman in power?”

These controversial issues and more will be discussed during a seminar alongside the launch event, where an international panel includes:

Ranjit Singh Kuki Gill: a reformed convicted murderer who took to arms in 1984. His life sentence in India has been commuted – he is now fully integrated into society.

Ranjit Singh Srai: a UK solicitor and executive member of the Council of Khalistan.

Jay Singh-Sohal: UK journalist, author and director of “Turbanology” and “Sikhs at War”.

Dr Gurnam Singh: Coventry University academic and Sikh Channel presenter.

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