Affirmative Action: Action is Good, says IAP Chief

Affirmative Action: Action is Good, says IAP Chief

The Institute of Asian Professionals (IAP) welcomes the initiatives by the current UK Government to help up to 130,000 of the "brightest" young people from poorer families get to college and university. This is a start in the right direction but why has it taken the current government over ten years in power before such action is driven and taken?

According to the IAP, this type of progression needs to be continuous, evolving and ongoing.

The equality gap is widening and politicians are only now tentatively stepping up to the mark. Recent report after report; suggest the failing of Governments and institutions to implement agreed action plans to see fair play at work. Sheer tokenism does not help either. Action must be against a responsibility to create the conditions for a fairer and just society or better still allow those with real life experiences to add value, add real value.

IAP Chief Executive, Amjid Akram Jarral Rajput comments:"We would advocate the business case for affirmative action and more importantly for economic prosperity. Organisations such as Sony, 3M, Goodyear, Amoco and The World Bank. Apple, Google lead by example. Diversity of workforce leads to business success, this is a fact. Look at the economic world, the real power is shifting eastwards. We need to tap into that Asian economic capital before it is too late".

For those less acquainted with the term affirmative action, it is a policy or a program of initiatives that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in business, education and employment. These policies were born in the USA in the Sixties and have had a wide range of effects. In the UK, we have a plethora of legislation and positive action schemes, but have they really worked. Do we really need another equality bill or is it worth the paper it is written on? As a society, we are past political correctness and need to move on to real action, real jobs we say.

We can make a difference, we will make a difference.

In Scotland, we need to see greater representation at all levels in all walks of private and public life and policy making strategy. After all we all have a real contribution to make and it is a shame, real experiences and visions are being left behind away the table. Never mind the lunches.

We know for sure that these types of policies or practices will have those against the idea and it is only healthy to have a debate. If not, we face a generation of conflict and division and possible further inequality in society that can only widen, creating a continuing vicious circle of despair and economic inequality.


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