6 Billion Ways: Making Another World Possible

6 Billion Ways: Making Another World Possible

Every day seems to bring a new crisis: financial markets in turmoil, energy price rises, food riots, violent conflicts and environmental disasters. And whatever the disaster, poor and marginalised people are always affected the most.

The world doesn’t have to be this way. Every person on the planet can make change happen. 6 Billion Ways is a day of ideas, discussion, creativity and action to explore the causes and solutions to these interlinked global crises. Come along to be inspired and make connections with others who want to challenge injustice.

With international speakers, films, music, and a chance to learn and practise new skills, 6 Billion Ways is your chance to get inspired and join local and global networks building a better world. The event will include discessions on: the financial crisis and economic alternatives, conflict and liberation in Palestine and Iraq, climate catastrophe and building a green new deal, the future of feminism, the impact of Barack Obama on race politics, when resistance is successful and how to change consumer culture.

Speakers throughout the day include Tariq Ramadan, Mark Thomas, Bianca Jagger, Susan George, Karma Nabulsi, Meena Raman, Tariq Ali, Ken Livingstone and Trevor Ngwane.

Register and find out more at www.6billionways.org.uk.

6 Billion Ways is organised by City Circle, Friends of the Earth, War on Want, Jubilee Debt Campaign, People and Planet, the World Development Movement, Amnesty International and Rich Mix.

Region: All
Start Date: 28/02/2009
End Date:
Start Time: 10.00am
Venue: Rich Mix
Venue Address: 35-47 Bethnal Green, London
Celebs Attending: Tariq Ali, Trevor Ngwane, Tari
Website: http://www.richmix.org.uk/aandc_6billion.htm#events
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Name: Claire Nouvel
Phone: 020 7613 7496