45th Country Joins the Commonwealth Foundation.

At today’s Commonwealth Foundation Board meeting, Chairman, Professor Guido de Marco announced that Antigua and Barbuda would return as a member of the Commonwealth Foundation. The twin island Caribbean state becomes the Foundation’s 45th member, following Belize, which joined in 2002.

Dr Mark Collins, Director of the Commonwealth Foundation said: “This is exciting news for the Foundation and brings new opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda. The benefits of being a member of the Foundation have increased significantly in recent years and civil society organisations in Antigua and Barbuda will now be eligible to apply to us for grants and take part in our programmes. Through these means we will be able to strengthen the work of civil society in Antigua and Barbuda to work alongside governments in addressing Commonwealth goals for development, democracy and cultural understanding.”

Professor Guido de Marco, Chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation, said: “It is with great pleasure that I announce the membership of this key Caribbean state to the Foundation. I hope this recent development will encourage those few remaining countries who are not yet members of the Foundation to join us in our work.”

The High Commissioner for Antigua and Barbuda, Dr Carl Roberts, said: “Antigua and Barbuda has made the right decision in re-joining the Commonwealth Foundation. The support and the means that the Foundation offers to strengthen the work of civil society will be invaluable for our country.”

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