Thomas Mapfumo – ‘Choice Chimurenga’

Thomas Mapfumo -

Originally released in 2003 but available here for the first time “Choice Chimurenga” aims to pool the very best of Thomas Mapfumo’s incredible body of work from recent times whilst he has been living in the USA as an exile and working with the “aNOnym reCOrds" label there.

This one album gives a fantastic representation and overview of Thomas’s recent and more refined work, and messages span from his days as a pioneer in the struggle against white supremacy until now, as he rails against the domination of a tyrannical African regime. A “no holds barred” commentator on life but even if not a word of Shona is understood the music itself will speak loudly enough! This man is the father of the musical genre that the CD takes its name from: “Chimurenga” (meaning “Music of Struggle”).

“Exile on Main Street, Mapfumo’s protest songs flourish far from home”.
San Francisco Chronicle

“Protest music may be dead in the West, but it’s alive and well in Zimbabwe, where the oppressed and the impoverished find hope and strength in the songs of Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi”.
Time Europe

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