The Kray Twinz release the title track for new Sean Bean movie ‘ca$h’ featuring,Twista, Sway and Jag Soulsinger.

The Kray Twinz release the title track for new Sean Bean movie

Good things come to those who wait. Not only has the industry waited for the return of prolific beat makers the Kray Twinz, but so have their loyal fan base. Neither will be disappointed with their return as they reveal another massive transatlantic masterpiece. Their new song, ‘Hustle 2010’, as featured in the latest Sean Bean Hollywood motion picture “Ca$h”, features the biggest talent from across the pond and provides a platform for raw creative talent. This time around the dream team features American rap superman Twista, UK’s pioneering and award winning rapper Sway and brings a new twist to the table, British artist Jag Soulsinger.

‘Hustle 2010′ is a slick, understated affair with the Twinz’ signature addictive beats and hooks ensuring a classic in the making. It features 3 very different performance styles from rappers Sway and Twista to Jag Soulsinger’s smooth RnB vocals.

The Twinz describe how the track was born, “We were working in a production suite in a studio in L.A. and the director for the new movie Ca$h was in another suite next door. Together with his team, he walked past and overheard our sound and candidly asked if we could produce a sound for their movie. It was unreal. We discussed the plot of the movie and ‘Hustle 2010’ was born. The movie is out in cinemas across America early April 2010”.

The movie features Brit bad boy Sean Bean, as well as new Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) and has been written and directed by Stephen Milburn Anderson, who is praised in the New York Times’ "Who’s Who among Hot New Filmmakers," alongside Quentin Tarantino and Tim Robbins. Anderson has also directed South Central, produced by Oliver Stone and The Discovery Programme for Sir David Puttnam.

The Kray Twinz set the charts alight in 2005 with their hit track ‘What We Do’, killed the dance floors with their ghost production of Punjabi MC’s ‘Beware of the Boys’ which saw Jay-Z spit fire over the Twinz’ hot beats, and more recently in 2009 released ‘Take U Home’. Now the question on everyone’s lips is where have they been? “We’ve been doing a lot of producing and ghost production, as well as setting up our new state of the art studios both here in the UK and in America. We have also been looking for talent and putting together a hot new album” they explain.

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