Recognition of British Asians

Recognition of British Asians

Public and private organisation from around the country are urged to participate during BAH, profiling the real achievements of Britain’s largest ethnic group

AN EXCLUSIVE song and a one-off fashion show are just two of the attractions on display at the very first dinner and awards night to kick start British Asian Hafta (Week).

Birmingham’s International Convention Centre (ICC) will play host to the exciting inaugural event on October 28, marking a fourteen day tribute to British Asian success and achievement in every sphere.

The evening of awards will provide the opportunity for the cream of the British Asian community to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment over the year.

Among the six awards up for grabs are Most Diverse Company; Male and Female Category for Best Employee; Male and Female Category for Best Employer; and finally someone of huge accolade will be in the running for the Pioneer Award.

Organisers have hailed the event, which will include a three-course meal, a unique and aromatic Asian experience to appeal to all communities.

Also featuring on the night will be a one-off catwalk with a difference, showcasing some of the best designers in the Midlands, featuring participants from a very special section of the community will endorse the commitment of the organizers to make a real difference.

There will be an exclusive track, written especially for the week by Taz of Stereonation and sung by leading Asian artists.

British Asian Hafta has been launched under Women of Cultures whose core aim is to empower women of minority communities, giving leadership skills along with direction to overcome any issues, concerns or problems they may face both in their professional and personal lives.

Cllr Rudge officially launched the British Asian Hafta, he said:

“I am delighted, as Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources, to launch the British Asian Hafta and I would like to congratulate the Women of Cultures for taking this initiative. The citizens of the Birmingham Asian community have many achievements and one of those is the way they are striving to integrate into the cultural and economic life of the city, which will be reflected in many of the events during this period”

“I believe, as the Council’s lead on community cohesion, events of this kind promote
positive relations between and across communities which gives us a sense of belonging and oneness within our city. Therefore, the City Council is pleased to be one of the sponsors of British Asian Hafta”.

June 13th Wednesday, Gurjeet Kaur Bains CEO for women of cultures hosted a press conference at Khazana restaurant in Birmingham. Key speakers included some influential figures in the local community, including Dr Naseem Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, Taz from Stereo Nation and Councillor Rudge cabinet member for equalities and human resources.
The conference highlighted the main goals the initiative wanted to achieve. The key moto that the scheme wants to embody across the city is inspire to aspire.

Hosting the event Gurjeet Bains, CEO for the organisation, she said: “Asians have contributed to British life in every aspect, their culture and music have already made significant inroads, their entrepreneurial skills are unique and the drive to succeed is exceptional”

“This incentive will further raise the profile and commitment to Britain, making them proud to be British”

The awards are being sponsored by some of the most reputable organisations in the West Midlands, including Birmingham Professional DiverCity, Birmingham City Council and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The initiative will celebrate the achievements of the community through a series of events taking place over the course of the fortnight.

Throughout the year organisations and communities will be work on individual and collective projects towards the fortnight, leading to a commemoration of the annual efforts.

Dr Naseem highlighted how understanding each others faith and beliefs could lead to community integration. By learning and understanding who are neighbours are, barriers between communities can be broken down.

Jatinder Virdi: “We will open our doors to the public during this period, as it is important we engage with all communities to highlight the way in which we as Sikhs worship”

Taz moved onto saying that youngsters can be influenced through music. He has agreed to produce an exclusive track highlighting the need to see past prejudices. His input will certainly appeal to the younger generations.

One of the main points Councilor Rudge raised was the importance of women in our society. They have to be respected and appreciated in order for them to move forwards and achieve.

Public and private organisation from around the country are urged to participate during BAH, profiling the real achievements of Britain’s largest ethnic group
“We want everyone to be a part of these significant celebrations, of British Asians, who came to Britain and today are proud to be British” concluded Gurjeet Kaur Bains

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