Palestinian hip-hop outfit DAM to perform in London.

Palestinian hip-hop outfit DAM to perform in London.

Ground-breaking Palestinian hip-hop outfit DAM?
to headline Celebrating Sanctuary festival?(London, 17 June)

DAM is Palestine?s seminal hip-hop group.? Through their music the three-piece raises awareness of the situation of Palestinians living in Israel, proving that rap is a fantastic tool to forge identity and build strength and hope in our acutely discriminating world.?

Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbours (5 ? 10 June 1967), DAM aka Da Arabian MCs will be bringing their peaceful protest to this year?s Celebrating Sanctuary event on 17 June.

DAM?s powerful lyrics are influenced by the continuing Israeli – Palestinian conflict as well as by the Palestinian struggle for freedom and equality. DAM also draws their influence from such controversial issues as terrorism, drugs and women?s rights.

DAM?s debut album, Dedication, released at the end of 2006, ?is a unique fusion of East and West, combining Arabic percussive rhythms, Middle Eastern melodies and urban hip-hop/rap ? and a true tour de force.? The success of the album has seen them touring across the globe with their ground-breaking live shows and unique message garnering international attention.

The group will headline Celebrating Sanctuary which takes place 17 June 2007, 2 – 7pm, at Bernie Spain Gardens, Upper Ground, South Bank, London SE1 (admission free).? Marking the beginning of Refugee Week, Celebrating Sanctuary is an extraordinary event which gathers together musicians, dancers and artists from all corners of the globe to celebrate the positive cultural contribution of refugees to the UK.? Highlights also include?Somalia?s powerful?and hugely popular female vocalist Maryam Mursal, hip-hop/drum ?n? bass 8-piece outfit Emunah (Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, Russia) and the 15-piece group The Destroyers (Balkans) with their take on traditional arrangements from Eastern Europe.??Now in its eight year, Celebrating Sanctuary demonstrates that such a vibrant panorama of sight, sound, aroma and taste would not exist had it not been for the UK?s hard won tradition of providing sanctuary to those fleeing persecution from many parts of the globe.

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