Mosi Conde reveals his debut album: Kaira Kora Afrika at a prestigous concert at Green Note, Camden on 23 April 2010

Mosi Conde reveals his debut album: Kaira Kora Afrika at a prestigous concert at Green Note, Camden on 23 April 2010

Mosi Conde & Kaira Kora Africa @ Green Note, Camden Parkway, Fri 23 April
Mosi Conde, a supremely talented young griot from Guinea Conakry’s leading family who has played for Nelson Mandela and Womad now reveals his debut album Kaira Kora Afrika in a concert at Camden’s delightful intimate and highly sought after Green Note, 102 Parkway, Camden , London NW1 7AN on Friday 23 April. Mosi Conde plays with his band – also called – Kaira Kora Afrika (it means happiness) in a concert that will be remembered with pleasure for time to come.

MOSI CONDE & KAIRA KORA AFRIKA are making their mark on the vibrant music scene in London and beyond, delighting both aficionados of African music and those who come from other grooves with their fresh vibes. Dyam good music: firmly rooted in tradition with global sonic awareness and a debut album out mid April : Mosi Conde ‘Kaira Kora Afrika’

Mosi Conde is a young griot from Guinea Conakry’s leading family: Sekouba ‘Diamond fingers’ Diabate is his uncle and his family are the inspiration for extended family and friends from Mory Kante to Salif Keita. Not yet 30, Mosi already has a long professional career to his name having started playing the many instruments he is master of at 4 and touring from 15.

Mosi Conde’s first instrument was the guitar and he began playing the kora and djembe when he was four. He said “drums are like a heartbeat. If your heart beats, you drum.” Touring from the age of 15, he travelled Africa and Europe till arriving in England. “Music brings me to England… it feels like this is my house, I want to make a life here”. However the role of a griot is not as understood as it was in Guinea, so by educating and performing he has chosen a new role for himself. Having no family in England, “music gives me my family and my food”.

Much in demand to play with every leading African band, Mosi now introduces his own matchless crew drawing in superb fellow musicians . As a soloist Mosi Conde has played at WOMAD, for NELSON MANDELA and at numerous festivals and gatherings and brings all this experience to leading KAIRA KORA AFRIKA. KAIRA KORA AFRIKA encouraged the throngs of marathon runners with the right BPMs for City Showcase’s Run to the Beat and featured on Channel 4’s prestigious coverage of the event. Recent gigs have included Kingston Carnival, Wom@TT at both Inn on the Green and The Tabernacle and at London’s amazing Double Club. He is also an immensely popular workshop leader

MOSI CONDE & KAIRA KORA AFRIKA gather the crowds and make them dance, sing and enjoy themselves. ‘They are stupendous! I never expected to find such good music in London’. ‘Killer tracks’ are comments recently garnered.

Kaira Kora AfriKa led by Mosi Conde play Mosi’s own irresistibly danceable compositions from his strong traditional background with a city twist. Tracks feature his melliferous far-reaching uplifting lyrics and vocals, inspired Kora, Bolon, Fulani Flute and percussion in a wonderful drum orchestra which has more melody than many a fully instrumented band.

Mosi Conde & Kaira Kora; Afrika’s gig at London’s most friendly and intimate and acoustically exciting music venue Green Note , 102 Parkway,Camden London NW1 7AN will be the public’s first opportunity to hear his new set linked with his debut album ‘ Kaira Kora Afrika’ with his eponymously named band, Kaira Kora Afrika. Tickets are £19 in advance via and more at the door. Doors are at 7pm ,music from 9pm

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