Middle Eastern Sonic Arts

Middle Eastern Sonic Arts

Six Pillar presents Easternisms – an evening of Middle Eastern Sonic Arts with John Kameel Farah, Amir Sadeghi Konjani and Fari Bradley exploring art, sound music and mapping.

Composer and musician – piano & electronics

2011 K.M. Hunter Artist Award recipient John Kameel Farah previews his upcoming CD "Between Carthage and Rome" with new works such as "Semitic Fugue" and a "Surrealistic Techno Samai". Inspired ancient Near-Eastern history and mythology, Farah interweaves threads of history to create unique and imaginative concert experiences. Farah studied composition and piano performance at the University of Toronto, where he twice received the Glenn Gould Composition Award. In 1999 he had private lessons with Terry Riley in California and the Arabic Music Retreat. In 1998, he performed the complete solo piano works of Arnold Schoenberg. NOW Magazine named him Best Pianist 2006.

"Behind a stage set up that can include piano, Baroque harpsichords, various synthesizers, and laptop computers, John Kameel Farah cuts an impressive and unforgettable figure in solo performance. Farah is interested in […] Early and Baroque keyboard music, ambient minimalism, Middle-Eastern music, Electronic Dance Music, and electroacoustics. In performance, Farah ranges all over his instruments while setting up textures and countertextures, moving deftly from acoustic to electronic episodes, and testing and deploying his materials with a mixture of scientific care and wild abandon. […] Frenetic and contemplative in turn, Farah’s music is underpinned by a deep emotional and spiritual reservoir which, when framed through his exceptional musicality and virtuosic instrumental command, packs his highly original solo music with considerable and undeniable clout." Guelph Jazz Festival

Conceptual artist, pianist and composer.

Konjani studied mathematics, arts and music all his life. His first CD, made together with renowned Iranian poet Ahmad Shamlou, sold twelve thousand copies in just two months in 2009 and was included in the top five Iranian CDs of the year.

In addition to performing and composing for traditional music concert venues, Amir has created artistic works for theatre and directed two films with Salar Salari, ‘Waltz for Brenda’, and ‘Chthonic’, performed in London and USA.

His most notable works include a light-bulb orchestra and a piece for harps played by veiled women"Hijab Initiation – Extended Technique for Harp". BBC World Service recently made a documentary on Amir’s life and work.

Composer and musician – electronics, keys and percussion.

Fari has performed with and composed for experimental music collective Resonance 104.4fm’s orchestra for over 6 years. She produced the CD ‘Art’s Content’ for Resonancefm: improvised pieces alongside slide guitarist BJ Cole, and has performed at Barbican, ICA, Bestival & Corsica Arts Studios and was twice the commissioned artist at Europe’s largest Asian festival: the Asian Mela – London. She toured several major festivals singing Indian classical ragaas with harmonium and drum & bass and produced sound art commissions for ResonanceFM at the Frieze Art Fair e.g. a piece to precede the live broadcast of a Yoko Ono lecture, and a piece on paper for the Museum of Modern Art.

Fari’s into circuit bending & uses this in the classical & electronic experiments that she’s performed at V Festival, Thames Festival and live in USA for the CD launch of ‘Women Take Back the Noise’. Her radio show Free Lab Radio is on Saturday nights on Resonance 104.4fm. She is also been the producer of Six Pillars to Persia, London’s only English language Iranian arts programme, for five years.

Region: All
Start Date: 15/07/2011
End Date: 15/07/2011
Start Time: 19.30pm
Venue: Easternisms – Middle Eastern Sonic Arts
Venue Address: 18 – 22 Ashwin street Dalston London
Website: http://www.cafeoto.co.uk/easternisms.shtm
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Name: Fari Bradley