Mellino, of Les Negresse Vertes, live at Mango Landin’ 28/03/08

Mellino, of Les Negresse Vertes, live at Mango Landin

Mango Landin’ is delighted to announce they will be hosting a rare UK live performance from Mellino – the driving force behind legendary Parisian world music/alt rock fusion pioneers Les Negresse Vertes.

Having spent the best part of two decades as the driving force behind Les Negresses Vertes,?Stefane and Iza Mellino now focus all their energy into the intense, visceral rock with a unique identity that is Mellino. The sound comes blasting through the speakers with cranked up volume, full-on vocals and an attitude borne from a life on the road and in the eye of the storm. Their adrenalin has been pumped up for so long that the music they now play is greatly affected by it.?The sweltering heat pulses from the thunderous rhythm and invigorating vocals and the crowd are inspired by the passion, making them dance uncontrollably late into the night.

Stefane Mellino also recently appeared in and wrote/performed six tracks on the soundtrack to Mr Bean’s Holiday Movie (2007).

Region: All
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Start Time: 21:00
Venue: Mango Landin’
Venue Address: 40 St Matthew’s Road
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Name: danny payne
Phone: 020 7095 8146