M2K Launch Their Debut Album ‘M2K Released’

M2K Launch Their Debut Album

M2K, the British-Asian duo that bought you the hit single ‘Phenomenon’ featuring Don Dee, announce the launch of their long awaited eight track album ‘M2K Released’ for 5 February 2007.

Manoj and Kamini of M2K provide all the vocals and lyrics on the album with features from the infamous Don Dee.

‘M2K Released’ has been entirely produced by Manoj. By taking influences from both the eastern and western worlds Manoj has creatively fused these sounds with his own style, creating a fresh era for Bollywood music.

‘M2K Released’ contains an eclectic mix of tracks incorporating soul, RnB, Bollywood, dancehall and pop.

Track 1: Phenomenon feat. Don Dee.

Previously released on white label, the long awaited smash hit dancehall-bhangra single featuring the infamous Don Dee.

Track 2: Show Me Love

M2K provides a taste of Bollywood on this one. Tight beats fused with some great melodies and hooks.

Track 3: Ikaraar

This melodious ballad will take the romantics out there back a step…creating a new generation in Bollywood soul.

Track 4: Bekaraar

Bekaraar is to die for…Manoj and Kam demonstrate their great vocal versatility in this Valentines ballad.

Track 5: Ooh La La La feat. Don Dee

Definitely one for the clubs. Powerful melodies fused together with some great vocals, beats and plenty of bass line.

Track 6: Jaoun

An emotional rollercoaster ballad with M2K’s deep lyrics and smooth vocals. This one will definitely take you away with a slight change of mood.

Track 7: Zindagi

M2K demonstrate their great love for Bollywood music with powerful lyrics, catchy hooks and that added M2K twist!

Track 8: Sexi feat. Don Dee

East meets West on this one…Dancehall fused with Indian spice. This one will make you bounce!

M2K aim to overcome boundaries set in mainstream British-Asian music and create an inspired sound guaranteed to touch hearts worldwide.

M2K said, “Our dreams are to entertain and be the best at what we do, keeping our cultural roots alive and staying true to what we believe.

“Each track is unique with its own vibe and we hope we have created an album with a track for everyone. We have included a few up-tempo tracks, including the smash hit single ‘Phenomenon’ but have also provided numerous ballads for the romantics out there.

“M2K Released is only just the beginning of what we have to offer.”

The duo recently performed in Dar es Salaam kicking off their Christmas with a rooftop performance for their fans.

‘M2K Released’ will be available to buy throughout the UK from 5 February 2007

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