Joi Soundsystem, Mo Magic, Invasion and Rock-ID Live at Cargo

Joi Soundsystem, Mo Magic, Invasion and Rock-ID Live at Cargo

Hot off the heels for release of his debut album "Without Zero" Farook from Joi plays a one-off UK date for Shaanti at Cargo on Saturday 23rd December, alongside Mo Magic, Invasion feat. Spek from Asian Dub Foundation and electro-punk fusion act Rock i-D will be performing live.

Joi is one of the UK’s oldest champions of electronic fusion and Asian breaks. Having consistently evolved their style since their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘One And One Is One’, but, after the tragic death of his brother and band member Haroon (R.I.P) Farook later released a solo album that fuses East and West, ‘We Are Three’ on Real World Records. Recorded in Bangladesh and in London with Spring Heel Jack producers John Coxon and Ashley Wales, its title is a reference to Joi’s spiritual belief in the powers that surround us. Indeed Haroon had completed much of the preparatory work earlier that year when he travelled to Bangladesh to make recordings with local musicians. Says Farook: “Haroon’s vibe is not only still there, it’s there on every single track. It’s his legacy.” As a Soundstystem, Joi spins deep and bleepy techno with a dose of house and drum and bass with some Asian stuff thrown in for good measure.

Whereas Mo Magic returns to London this weekend with his record box in tow. Having been part of the Asian Underground, Eastern Break-Beat ratpack who dominated the decks of the Hoxton Street massive back in 1998. First signed by Outcaste Records, Mo is also a one of the first DJs and producers who first brought us Eastern Drum and Breaks to the forefront. Blending eclectic – drum snares and warped out electro basslines – with fierce ethnic sounds, Mo Magic helped to create the deep dance sound captured on compilations by Swaraj and on tracks like “Emotional Breakdown.” Away from his Djing he also runs the label Asian Dawn, home to many of his own productions plus singles by Spek (Asian Dub Foundation and Invasion). On the night he will perform a DJ set of material from his new album “Sirens” plus his usual new platter of re-edited singles, remixes and bootlegs. Expect slick turntable action from one of the fastest hands in the music scene. From DJ sounds to a live band, Shaanti are proud to present Invasion to the night.

Invasion is the eagerly anticipated appearance of MC Spek, last seen performing with the highly respected Asian Dub Foundation. Spek and his sidekick DJ/Mc Vader are the founding members of Invasion feat. Rocky on drums conjure up, another hypnotic rendition of distorted beats with layers of noise beneath. With schizophrenic snare lines and beats among a new set of sounds and lyrics, over the typical vocal drum scotch is what to expect from this new radical group. Hailing from the big smoke and beyond, watch out for this new force.

While our next band is unlike typical rarities, in fact Rock iD is an outstanding musical creation rich in trope and full of hope. Featuring Ghost on Bass, Guillame on Electric Guitar and Rocky on Leads and Drums together they make up one very powerful entity. The jumble of stuff that spills out range from lyrically conscious melodies to nineteenth-century mixs in which the language of rock, hip hop, punk and alternative is combined as one to release a sophisticated sonic metropolis. Their new single “Bust Your Head”, is now out features the vocals of Spex MC and MC Lord Kimo from Asian Dub Foundation, bringing a characteristic fusion of styles unique to the Rock iD vibe. Rock iD’s new album, Motorscream includes other collaborators like Manu Chao and Massive Attack’s bass player, Winston Blisset.

Both Rock i-D and Invasion will be performing live on the night alongside Shaanti residents: Manga from Galaxy, Rich Reason, Ravaliya and guest Faraz Osman.

Shaanti presents Joi Sound system, Mo Magic, Invasion (Live) and Rock I-D (Live) Manga (Galaxy), Ravaliya, Rich Reason, and special guests at Cargo on Saturday, 23rd December.

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Venue: Cargo
Venue Address: 83 Rivington St, Shoreditch, London
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