Iranian Radio Show in London Travels to Exit Festival’s Stage

Iranian Radio Show in London Travels to Exit Festival


The second day at the festival’s Suba Stage is opening a night dedicated to modern Iranian music called Six Pillars to Persia by a show at experimental London radio station Resonance FM that carries the same name.

After an Amnesty event in London, Exit programmers contact the London-based radio show to organise transporting some of the same acts over to Exit 2010. An Iranian in London, Hiatus, plays melancholic soundtrack sets for films that were never made. Arash Khalatbari and the Wise Orkestra create sufi music for XI century. Fari Bradley, presenter of the radio show Six Pillars to Persia, on Resonance 104.4FM will DJ Iranian Retro Disco – a selection of the best Iranian disco songs from the prolific disco and funk scene before the revolution in 1979.

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Name: Fari B
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